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cilantro pesto — csa week 1

this pesto is a gorgeous green and has a light, fresh taste to it! two small farms gave me a full bunch of cilantro for week 1, so hubby suggested i try a pesto with it. i found this cilantro pesto recipe on allrecipes.com and it was perfect! i used it on pasta and even as the base of a pizza with leftover roasted chicken. it was so good!

i rolled out the pizza dough to almost fit a half sheet pan. i like my crust on the thin side, so this is a good way to measure thickness. i then brush the edges with olive oil and spread a thin layer of cilantro pesto on the dough instead of pizza sauce.

i added the leftover roasted chicken from last night’s chicken and collard greens dinner on top of the pesto. thanks to my hubby for taking the meat off the chicken bones (i hate the word carcass!) and storing it for another time. we use it to make tacos, burritos and now pizza. look ma, no waste!

you know i like me some cheese, so next came the mozzarella and parm. i also put some fresh ground pepper on top for a little zip. i baked it at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes until the top and crust are golden brown.

and here’s the pie! all baked and oh-so-good. the pesto kinda melted into the crust and matched just right with the chicken.

Recipe from Gena Urias on Allrecipes.com