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barefoot jambalaya

i’ve only made jambalaya starting with a box. it was good, but i’d always been curious about making it from scratch. then i was watching an episode of the barefoot contessa one saturday morning and lo and behold, she and a louisiana pal made it. i printed out the recipe and for the next week i sang a little ditty i made up on the spot, “bare-foot jam-ba-la-ya, bare-foot jam-ba-la-ya” while doing the cha cha through the house. my friend donna had asked if i wanted to cook together sometime and i thought this was a perfect occasion to bust this baby out. we both had some of the basics, so we brought them together (including donna’s homemade chicken stock!) to make one kick-ass dinner.

donna was in charge of chopping the meat and me the veggies. here’s my nice dice of the trinity in cajun cooking — onion, celery and bell pepper.

chopped green onions from the two small farms csa! they went inside both inside the jambalaya and on top as a garnish. fresh and yummy.

diced roma tomatoes. i think they were supposed to be seeded, but as you can see, a few slipped by me.

the proteins in the recipe smoked ham, andouille sausage and shrimp. sounds good to me! here’s the ham and sausage after cooking. i bought smoked ham shank, so we even threw the bone in while cooking for extra flavor. let me tell you, it worked.

sweating the veggies with tomato paste after the meat was cooked. they picked up the little brown bits left from the meat and got nice and tender.

bare-foot-jam-ba-la-ya! this recipe has a lot of ingredients, but is very simple to make. there’s a lot of chopping and prep work, but once you do that, it’s easy breezy. donna and i made the whole recipe and then split it in two. it made more than enough for dinner that night plus leftovers. we had fun cooking it and i know erik and i enjoyed eating it! it was a really flavorful and a cozy dish for a cold evening.

Recipe copyright 2010, Amelia Durand, all rights reserved.