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volunteering makes me feel good

here’s my second cake for the non-profit cake4kids. they requested a cake with strawberries and bananas, so i made a yellow cake with fresh strawberries and bananas in the middle. i also used a non-dairy whipped cream to frost the cake, which gave the whole thing a nice, light texture. it’s amazing how much butter weighs! this cake was light as air when i put it into the box. i opted to use pre-made Cars decorations (another request from the birthday boy) as I knew my hand drawn Lightning McQueen and Mater would be unrecognizable. serious. i am in love with my colorful sprinkles, though. i used them on the last cake i made and have a feeling they’re going to be a staple. don’t they add a festive touch?

i delivered it to the foster office for the birthday boy and the women who worked there were very excited about it. it made me feel so good! they said this was only their second free cake with cake4kids and they were so happy to be involved with them. i hope gilberto enjoys his birthday and cake!